Aesthetics Journal - Aesthetic Procedures During Pregnancy


"Treatment during pregnancy, whether medical or aesthetic, is a contentious topic and practice differs greatly between professionals. The debate on the safety of these procedures centres on the transient, but significant, physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and the sharing of blood and nutrients (or toxins) between mother and foetus. Due to the risks and ethical considerations involved, drugs are rarely tested on pregnant women. Thus, data on safety profiles is limited in this patient group and due to differences in physiology, it would be inappropriate to translate data from trials in non-pregnant women to dictate practice during pregnancy.

The general consensus is to defer non-essential procedures until after pregnancy.1 However, the aesthetic changes that can occur during pregnancy, such as melasma, hirsutism and striae, can be dramatic and cause significant upset to the mother. This can cause devastating effects on her mental health and in extreme cases, disrupt her relationship with her child as well as her ability to care for the child. In such situations, the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure must be evaluated to reach a decision that creates the best possible outcome for mother and child. In this article, we will review literature on the safety of common aesthetic procedures during pregnancy."