Benefits of Treatment

Choose this service to receive a unique treatment package designed specifically to your face.

Your bespoke facial rejuvenation package includes a thorough consultation with one of our aesthetic surgeons who will work with you to design a package that will provide you with the very best cosmetic results as well as addressing your specific concerns. This expert consultation process will consider your facial anatomy, face shape and structure, signs of ageing (loss of volume and wrinkles) and skin texture.

You can receive up to 3 treatments within this package of your choice, although additional treatments can be added on at discounted rates. The cost of all the products used are included. You will also receive post-treatment support from your expert practitioners after your day as a cosmetic model. Please note that the treatments will be delivered on training courses by learning delegates under the direct and close supervision of experienced aesthetic surgeons.

Bespoke expert consultation included Onset of results Immediate
Back to work immediately Duration of results Up to 24 months
Expert aftercare service Clinic price for treatment £1200+
Anaesthetic provided Acquisition Aesthetics Models’ Price £500
Bespoke expert consultation included
Back to work immediately
Expert aftercare service
Anaesthetic provided
Onset of results Immediate
Duration of results Up to 24 months
Clinic price for treatment £1200+
Acquisition Aesthetics Models’ Price £500