Why Train in Aesthetics ?

Are you a doctor thinking about expanding into Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers treatments? Acquisition Aesthetics can provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to deliver these facial aesthetic treatments competently and confidently. Our courses also deliver training in the business and marketing element of facial aesthetics, providing you with the tools to build a successful cosmetic business in today’s competitive market.

1) The Demand

The ever expanding cosmetic industry is in desperate need of more skilled aesthetic practitioners and doctors are the ideal candidates for the job. Through Botox® training courses, dermal fillers training along with other facial aesthetic procedures, doctors can discover a route into an industry that generates over £2 billion per year and is continuing to grow. The climate is therefore rich with opportunity for new aesthetic practitioners and has the potential to provide significant rewards.

2) Doctor as Medical Aesthetic Practitioners

As a doctor, you have a number of skills and personal qualities that will make you a talented and successful advanced aesthetic practitioner. After at least 5 years of training in medical school, your anatomical knowledge of the face and histological understanding of the skin imply that you have the theoretical background to deliver cosmetic injectables safely and with reproducible results.

Your highly developed bedside manner and excellent communication skills allow aesthetic clients to relax and talk openly with you during a consultation and promote long lasting relationships with loyal clients who return to you time after time. Having mastered clinical procedures such as cannulation and venepuncture, your fine motor skills and co-ordination will mean your injection technique is of a high standard. Your medical degree also provides you with prescribing powers which facilitates the acquisition and delivery of these products.

3) The Rewards

All medically trained aesthetic practitioners will tell you about the joys and benefits of cosmetic practice that they appreciate the most. There are numerous rewards that doctors take from their experience of aesthetic medicine and these will differ between different personalities and circumstances. Regardless, however, you will have something to gain from joining the field of facial aesthetics.

4) Renumeration

In these times of uncertainty for NHS professionals, cosmetic injectables offers a welcome viable alternative or supplementary route to NHS training which widens your skill set, utilises your pre-existing medical skills and provides a more lucrative and stable income opportunity compared with NHS practice or locum work. With the continued expansion of the cosmetic market, Botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments can provide significant financial reward and depending on circumstances, have the potential to double your NHS salary. In a vocation that is all too frequently denied financial acknowledgment for the work provided, facial aesthetics offers refreshingly and satisfyingly generous remuneration.

5) The Power of Choice

Day to day practice in the world of facial aesthetics provides a level of professional autonomy and flexibility that will seem novel to any doctor with experience in the NHS sector. As an aesthetic practitioner, you have the power to define your own working schedule, select clients that you feel are best suited to your practice and expand and develop your practice in any way you so wish. The flexibility of working with cosmetic injectables supports a more desirable work-life balance and a better quality of life. The lack of this professional freedom is what NHS doctors most commonly complain about. Your training will offer real satisfaction through the discovery and enjoyment of this freedom within your aesthetics practice.

6) Artistic Fulfilment

The practice of cosmetic medicine demands a well developed aesthetic eye and an appreciation for the fundamental principles that govern beauty. Each client can be treated as blank canvas with a unique potential and a unique beauty to be unveiled or enhanced. Doctors with an interest or talent in art will enjoy the creative aspect of aesthetic medicine and will gain true satisfaction from the visible improvements they provide to their clients.

7) Complementary to Clinical Practice

Many doctors find that training in the procedures of Botox® and dermal fillers advances their abilities in their primary line of work. This is especially true for specialties such as Plastic surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, dermatology and general practice. Your new skill set also means you are able to offer more treatments to your patients, which within the private sector, will improve patient retention rates.

8) Business Opportunities

For doctors with entrepreneurial ambition, cosmetic injectables provides a platform from which to grow a successful and competitive business. The medical profession will always inspire trust in clients which gives you a marketing advantage over similar providers. Many doctors have graduated from Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers courses to establish multi-centre clinics which continue to grow and prosper. As a doctor with a strong work ethic and good people skills, you are set to dominate the cosmetic industry if you choose to do so.

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  • 5680% increase in the popularity of injectable cosmetic treatments over the last 25 years
  • Cosmetic industry valued at £2.3 billion in 2010
  • Massive market growth to an estimated value of £3.6 billion in 2015
  • Paradigm shift away from invasive cosmetic surgery towards non-invasive injectables with 40% reduction in cosmetic surgery procedures in 2016
  • Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers remain, by far, the most popular cosmetic procedures in the UK and worldwide.
  • Popularity of cosmetic injectables driven by quick, reliable and relatively long-lasting results with minimal downtime and risk
  • Experts predict continued and significant expansion of the cosmetic market
  • Continued growth of the cosmetic industry is fuelling the development of stricter restrictions and regulations by governing bodies
  • New practitioners must seek out courses that deliver high standards of training through a fully accredited provider to ensure the validity of their training and protect the longevity of their career in facial aesthetics


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