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interview with a level 7 certificate student
15 Jul 2018

Interview With A Level 7 Certificate Student

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Acquisition Aesthetics Level 7 student: Puneet Janjua

My Story

The Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine is the only Ofqual regulated certificate that allows current and aspiring practitioners to meet Health Education England’s requirements for the delivery of cosmetic procedures. Comprised of four stages, our Level 7 Certificate offers students a comprehensive and respected qualification that will not only enhance their CV, but their status as an aesthetic practitioner too.  

Everyday, we receive numerous enquiries about our Level 7 Certificate. Some of the most commonly asked questions about the certificate are:

  • How long will it take me to complete the certificate?
  • Can I fit the certificate around my other commitments?
  • Why should I choose the Level 7 Certificate over other qualifications?

We thought that it would be a good idea to pose these questions amongst others to some of our current Level 7 students in a new blog series: “My Story”. In the first part of this series, we spoke to Puneet Janjua.

Hi Puneet, tell us how long you have been interested in the facial aesthetics industry?

My interest in facial aesthetics was ignited by a friend of mine in January of this year. We discussed the industry as she wanted to undertake an aesthetics course and asked if I be interested. It sounded extremely interesting and challenging so we decided to investigate the field further and then signed up!

Why did you choose to undertake the Level 7 Certificate?

I researched the one day courses vs the Level 7 Certificate and I came across the Keogh report and HEE guidelines. Due to my business and compliance background I read the HEE guidelines which gave me a huge insight into the direction the industry may take so I decided that the level 7 certificate would be the best option. I discussed my research with my friend and she agreed. I felt that due to my skill set, and as a professional it was my duty to ensure I was undertaking a course which would maximise my competency and knowledge, as well as maintain patient safety, so for me a one day course did not meet this criteria.

Talk to us about your enrollment on the programme and your progress so far – when did you start?

I started the course in January of this year.

What progress have you made to date?

I have completed the practical foundation day course, and online learning modules. I have completed 3 mentoring days and have almost completed my SAQ coursework.

Does the flexibility of the Level 7 Certificate work well with your other commitments?

It works extremely well as there is no pressure to complete tasks within rigid timelines. The rate of progression is totally in your own hands!

What are your plans once you’ve completed the certificate?

I would like to complete a few other courses and then open up my own business.

You’ve already completed Stage 1 (e-learning modules), Stage 2 (Foundation Course) and you’re now working to complete Stage 3 (mentoring days), have you enjoyed each of the stages?

I have enjoyed the stages. I have particularly enjoyed the practical days as although some aspects can be challenging it is very relaxed and fun. The model patients are great and extremely patient.

The online learning obviously is important as it provides the basis of the knowledge required for the practical days. The modules are really simple, straightforward and easy to understand. There is a sufficient amount of information provided in order to ensure competency without feeling overwhelmed.

Have you found anything challenging about any of the stages?

Anatomy!! It has been a challenge trying to learn the anatomy of the face, especially all those blood vessels!

How do you feel that each of the stages has contributed to your knowledge of facial aesthetics?

Each of the stages are just as important as each other. Whilst it is easy to get motivated for the practical sessions, it is a little more difficult to get excited about online learning but it is important in order to underpin the knowledge required for the practical training days.

You’re currently completing your SAQ coursework – are you enjoying it and how does it compare to previous qualifications that you’ve completed?

For me, the SAQ coursework is the most challenging part of the training. It does require a lot of time and effort as there is a lot of independent research to be done. It is just like doing a mini research project and the hardest part of the SAQ is ensuring you stay within the word count!

You’re currently completing your mentoring days – what have you enjoyed most about them?

I have enjoyed the mentoring days as it gives me an opportunity to practice the theory! The trainers are extremely supportive and give great guidance during the day.

I also enjoy it as different trainers use slightly different techniques for the same treatment areas and so it enables me to pick up tips and also realise that there is not just one way of achieving the desired result.

What has been the biggest surprise for you so far in undertaking the qualification?

The biggest surprise so far has been the SAQ coursework and the amount of work required to complete this. The standard is extremely high and doing this piece of work did take me back to my uni days! However I would not let this deter anyone from starting the level 7 course as it is thorough and ensures competency which was one of my criteria when deciding which course to undertake.

How have you managed to overcome and problems/obstacles you have experienced so far?

I have needed support with a couple of SAQ questions and the team at Acquisition Aesthetics are really quick at responding and providing you with support.

Why did you choose to train with Acquisition Aesthetics? What has your experience been of them so far?

I chose them following my research. I spoke to a number of other training providers and found that Acquisition Aesthetics were friendly, helpful, and provided all the necessary information. Everyone in the organisation including the trainers are relaxed, make you feel comfortable and extremely professional. I am planning to do more courses with them as my experience with them has been extremely positive thus far.

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