Level 7 Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Level 7 Certificate take to complete?

There is no pre-defined time period over which delegates must complete this qualification. The Level 7 certificate should be undertaken at a pace that suits the individual delegate depending on their other time commitments and personal goals. It is important that delegates appreciate that this qualification is a process which must be approached with patience and determination. Completion of all stages of the Level 7 certificate can take anything from 6 months. Acquisition Aesthetics advocates, however, that delegates aim to achieve qualification within 24 months in order to avoid deskilling and maintain a momentum of professional development.

Who can undertake the Level 7 Certificate?

The Level 7 Certificate can be undertaken by:

  • Doctors and dentists
  • Pharmacists; independent prescribers
  • Nurse and midwife independent prescribers

Can I undertake the Level 7 Certificate if I'm not a prescriber?

Yes. The only pre-requisite for enrolling on to the Level 7 certificate in aesthetic medicine with Acquisition Aesthetics is an undergraduate degree in medicine, dentistry or nursing with a valid GMC/GDC/NMC number. Completion of the Level 7 certificate does not entitle a non-prescriber to prescribe botulinum toxin and these practitioners will still be required to seek the authority of a prescriber who will be ultimately responsible for the treatment of that client. 

Can I enrol on the Acquisition Aesthetics Level 7 Certificate if I have already completed my Foundation and/or Advanced course with another provider?

Yes of course. We understand that these regulations are very new and its important that they fit into the experience that you have already acquired. If you have completed your foundation or advanced course in Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers already then you will be able to redeem a certain amount off the total cost of the Level 7 Certificate. Please contact us for more details via our online web form.

Do I have to use the aesthetic practitioner mentors from Acquisition Aesthetics to undertake the competencies for the Level 7 Certificate?

No. We would be happy for you to undertake your minimum number of procedures with a recognised mentor as long as he or she has more than 3 years of non- surgical injectables experience in Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.

Where do I obtain a portfolio from in order to record my procedure log for the Level 7 Certificate?

If you enrol on the Level 7 Certificate with Acquisition Aesthetics, you will gain password- protected access to our online portfolio system where you will be able to store and log all of your procedures that will count towards your certificate.