Clinical Examination - Level 7 Qualification

This is the final stage of your Level 7 training and you will be examined on the theoretical and practical components covered in Stage I, Stage II and Stage III.

The Level 7 Certificate course fee includes a £60 moderation fee and a £200 fee payable to Ofqual per enrolled delegate. In the event of an OSCE resit, the candidate will be expected to pay the additional moderation fees as charged by Ofqual.

The assessment is composed of 3 components

  1. Portfolio Assessment

    Assessment of candidate’s treatment portfolio for

    • 10 observed Botulinum Toxin treatments
    • 10 supervised Botulinum Toxin treatments
    • 10 observed Dermal Filler treatments
    • 10 supervised Dermal Filler treatments

  1. Written Examination

    Combination of multiple choice questions and short answer questions (between 200- 500 words)

    This coursework is completed in your own time as you undertake the E- learning and covers each of the core Level 7 Certificate units as outlined by Health Education England’s 2018 Qualification Requirements for Delivery of Cosmetic Procedures.

    More information on the Level 7 Certificate units can be found in Stage I.

  1. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

    You will come in for an assessment day comprising OSCE stations.

    These stations will cover practical elements of dermatology, principles of treatment (including the aesthetic consultation, aftercare and consenting clients), patient psychology and the theory and practice of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.

    Assessments will be recorded in line with Industry Qualifications and Ofqual regulations with an Internal Verifier present. Examinations standards are set according to objective pre- set templates and mark schemes. All examinations are subject to external verification for quality control by Industry Qualifications and/ or Ofqual.

    If requested, feedback will be available to all candidates within 28 days of their assessment and may be subject to a small fee imposed by Ofqual.

    In order to book your OSCE date to complete your Level 7 Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine, you will need to have completed Stage IStage II and Stage III.

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