Facial Aesthetics Industry

The Facial Aesthetics Industry Today


The exponential growth of the cosmetic industry is evidenced by the Keogh Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions (2013) which describes how the £720 million business of 2005 has boomed to the estimated £3.6 billion monopoly of 2015.

Sources demonstrate that this trend continues today, driven by a range of social, economic and technological factors which have led to a widespread celebration of cosmetic procedures in modern culture.


The Keogh Review “highlighted an urgent need for robust regulation of cosmetic practice and made recommendations to address the problems identified”. In addition, the report recommended the development of the Cosmetic Surgery Interspeciality Committee (CSIC) within the Royal College of Surgeons which has now been implemented.

In January 2016, Health Education England (HEE) published 2 reports aimed at improving and standardising the training for Botox® and dermal fillers by highlighting a number of ‘qualification requirements’. There will be a phased implementation to ensure all new practitioners meet these requirements and that existing practitioners can demonstrate them. Acquisition Aesthetics will provide aspiring aesthetics practitioners with credible certification in the delivery of cosmetic injectables which will satisfy these new requirements.


Acquisition Aesthetics appreciates the need for appropriate injectables training as an absolute necessity to ensure patient safety and protect practitioners from avoidable litigious conflict. Following the development of stricter guidelines and a rise in media coverage and public awareness, we have developed a thorough and detailed CPD accredited course that ensures that Botox® and dermal fillers can be injected safely and that any complications can be dealt with promptly and competently.