Master the Art of Lip Augmentation: 2018’s most ‘in-demand’ treatment

lip enhancement masterclass

The Acquisition Aesthetics’ Lip Augmentation Masterclass is a focused training experience designed to empower injectors to devise unique treatment plans, utilise a variety of injecting techniques and deliver beautiful customised results to suit the individual client. Led by a faculty of surgical trainers and dental surgeons with years of experience in facial aesthetics, delegates will become confident in detailed lip anatomy, analysis of the lip shape and volume and a range of techniques to perfect and refine their signature lips. Delegates will also receive access to online reading material to supplement their learning and be able to practice the techniques learnt on live models in highly supervised, focused groups of 1 trainer to 2 or 3 delegates.

Injectors with pre-existing experience (including graduates from our Combined courses) are perfectly placed to apply for the Lip Masterclass and gain the skills needed to transform their aesthetics practice into a highly successful business. 


£899 +VAT


30 Euston Square, Kings Cross, London, NW1 2FB

Dates Available

Learning Objectives:

  • Detailed lip anatomy: muscles, vessels and nerves
  • The current market of lip fillers
  • The academics of lip augmentation:
    • The golden ratio
    • Variations related to age, gender and ethnicity
    • Current cultural trends
  • How to conduct a focussed consultation
  • The Acquisition Aesthetics’ Lip Examination: a step by step approach
  • Master the essential techniques including, but not limited to:
    • Volume enhancement
    • Vermillion border definition
    • Cupid’s bow enhancement
    • Refining the philtrum columns
    • Treatment of peri-oral lines
    • Tenting / vectoring techniques
  • Corrective treatments
  • Combination treatments: toxin and dermal fillers
  • Complications avoidance and management, including but not limited to hyalase workshop,bruising, necrosis, ischaemia, skin infections, lumpiness, oedema and Tyndall effect